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Todd Kenneth McKellips (born March 11, 1982) is an American born, multi-skilled, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and business man. Born in Tacoma, Washington, McKellips was home schooled (K-12) and graduated (k-8) Rod and Staff curriculum, High School with A Beka (1997) and again graduated with WA state Home school in (2002) to take part in an actual graduation ceremony and prom experience. Todd went on to Pierce Community College (1998-2002) studying Graphic Design, mysql, website development, A+ computer certification, Microsoft certifications, then attending Green River Community College studying criminal justice and broadcasting (2003-2005),  after which on to take classes and instruct at multiple colleges including Boise State and Liberty University.


ENTREPRENEUR: McKellips currently sits on the Board of multiple different business entities. Todd’s desire is to be a full time philanthropist in the northwest, working in politics, encouraging everyone to startup their own businesses as well, ending homelessness and focused on the need for affordable housing. “Changing the culture is key” he says.

CAREER:  Currently Todd owns and manages Seattle Tiny Homes, Inc, is a partner with TrueLand Development, LLC, is the Executive Director of the Washington Tiny House Association as well as manages Bowman Hilton Mobile Home Community. Formerly Todd word for Davis Property Management and Investment Property Group as a property manager and prior to that worked with Costco Wholesale Corporation In Issaquah, Washington. Costco is a fortune 500 as of 2014, it is the second largest retailer in the United States and the third largest in the world and the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States.

EARLY LIFE: Work ethic was a major role growing up. Todd’s dad Scott McKellips work for metro transit agencies and worked allot with law enforcement, disability organizations such  as T.A.C.I.DSalvation Army and such. His parents really promoted serving others should be of utmost priority. Todd’s mom was a Home school homemaker and worked hard keeping up with three of Todd’s younger brothers, AndrewQuinn & Luke McKellips. The family had hard financial times and never was well to do. Todd was very much encouraged to do work in the neighborhood to earn money and help out.

At the age of 10 Todd took up a Tacoma News Paper route and Dad and brother Drew would assist. At the age of 12 Todd started Admiral Services a landscaping company which turned into a cleaning business as well through his teens. At the age of fourteen Todd took a huge interest in Computers and taught himself to build and repair and started NW PC Techs. Todd’s ultimate goal at the time was to be a sheriff’s deputy with Pierce County and he volunteered and worked hard to make sure to be on the straight and narrow from a young age.

Be driven, keep your goals high and they will be attainable.” TM

INJURY & ILLNESS: Todd was injured in (2005) with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and Tacoma Police (the whole story here) he developed more neurological complications from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) to Lactose IntoleranceCeliac Disease (2010), Depression, Anxiety, Hives, Fructose Malabsorption, to Steatorrhea diagnosed recently. Todd has a very low immune system and has a very limited diet, even forcing his wife and son to undergo a strict gluten free diet as well. It’s been very tough to adapt but Todd looks on the bright side being able to help others with dietary complications and desires to create awareness. Todd renamed his stage DJ name to DJ Gluten Free in (2012) specifically for this cause and he’s the worlds official DJ Gluten FREE.

“My vision is to leave a legacy to the great commission. To live my life for Christ. To be an honest, empathetic and an impactful servant leader. I am committed to growing as a Christian leader, delivering discipleship to believer, and serve our lost with love.”

Todd McKellips

Community Service Orting Veterans Village Board Member, Vice President Sumner Lions Club, Communications Chair for Building Beyond The Walls, Gordon Family YMCA Chaplain, Tacoma-Pierce County Chaplaincy, member of Sumner/Bonney Lake Area Communities For Families Coalition, Tacoma Pierce County Homeless Coalition & Bonney Lake Food Bank.

Todd founded the Roots Collective farm in Buckley, a little partnership with non-for-profits and for profit companies with a goal of helping people achieve better lives. From housing and homeless services, construction and skills job training to food security with a farm to table concept.

With the help of many others in the community we were able to purchase the old “Farm Fresh Produce” the Old Farmer’s Daughter Produce stand is getting a facelift in 2020, and a new community collaborative approach under the name “The Roots Collective Farm”, with people as our core mission.

We’re so excited to have you along for the journey and to have you inquire what were going to be doing here in Buckley, Washington!

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